Our Vision

We Free Minds is both a state of being and a course of action. In the course of our mission we multiply our force. Subtracting the distraction of ‘obstacles’. The source is our vision. I have mine. You have your’s. The decision is ours now.

More. Together.

Dear Free Minds,

Thank you for your interest in learning more about WFM. Our vision is a network formed of people with different abilities together forming complete teams to complete goals. We work daily to provide you with access to skills, facilities, and most importantly the network you need to get your where you are going.

Limitations only come from not knowing something or someone. If we learn what we need to know and know who we need to learn from there are no limits in our lives. I hope to meet each one of you and hear your stories. The goal is to create spaces that work like spaceships taking us to the greatness that lies beyond our limitations.

Israel Wilson

Founder; We Free Minds